Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Calling All Freshmen!

If you're part of the class of '011 then this information is for you!

So you've come out to a few events and you've met all of us cool eboard members... what's the next step?

CSA Freshmen Representatives 2006-2007

Why and how to become a CSA Freshmen Representative:

If you're at all interested in becoming more involved with clubs at BC, our Freshmen Representative position is one of the best ways to start. As a Frosh Rep, you'll actually become a member of our eboard. What's an eboard? Well for starters it stands for Executive Board. Eboard is the group of students behind the scene who plans and organizes all the events that CSA holds and that you (hopefully) come out and attend!

Being Frosh Rep is a wonderful experience for any freshmen. You'll get to meet student leaders from all the other student organizations on campus and you will definitely build an extensive network of friends (if you haven't already). Also as a Frosh Rep you help carry out CSA's mission to educate the BC Community about Chinese, Chinese American, and Asian issues through cultural, social, and political events.

Each year, CSA selects four Frosh Reps through an interview process (semi-painless, we promise). So if you are at all interested (even if it's just a teeny-tiny bit of curiosity) please come to one of our 1st Round Group Interviews.

1st Round Interviews will be held at night on:
Tuesday October 9th
Wednesday October 10th

All you have to do to sign up is to email csa.eboard.0708@gmail.com with your NAME, EMAIL, CELL PHONE, and DORM PHONE by THIS THURSDAY October 4th at MIDNIGHT

Email us with any questions you might have.
Show us what you've got '011!!


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yooo..who are those 4 awesome people in that picture? especially that exceptionally sexy one of the rite?....