Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Tainted Milk Scandal

The milk scandal in July 2008 shed negative light onto a nation on the verge making a world debut at the Olympic Games.  The melamine-tainted milk sickened more than 6,200 children and reached all corners of the world as many companies, such as Cadbury chocolate, had to withdraw its products and endure great financial loss.

Whatever did happen to those responsible for the tainted milk scandal?  Weeks of trials for the numerous individuals who were involved resulted in severe punishment.  The former chairwoman and general manager of the Sanlu Group (the company's milk was at the core of the scandal) was sentenced to life in prison. Other officials were given jail terms of between 5 and 15 years and three were sentenced to death.

To read more about the Milk Scandal go here: China Daily, Wikipedia.

On another note, stay tuned for videos in Paris and Paris Chinatown. I plan on going in on Sunday/Monday for the New Year's Celebration!!!



maggie said...

ooh, i didn't know about this scandalll.