Saturday, December 27, 2008

Barack Obama

As I sat in front of the television on election night listening to Barack Obama’s speech about “hope” and a better future for Americans, I couldn't help but think about the social change that was about to take place in our country.

The future of race relations within the United States will undoubtedly change with Obama’s presidency – especially those with African Americans in the US. A man of African descent now holds, arguably, the most powerful leadership position in the entire world.

Many African Americans say that Obama’s win has been a “dream come true.” After the United States’ long history with slavery and discrimination against African Americans, these individuals were undoubtedly speaking of a success not only for themselves, but for their ancestors as well. So, what is the future of African Americans in the United States from here on in and how will general perceptions of this once severely oppressed group of individuals change?

Could there be a surge in black leaders in the media? How will society’s general impression of African Americans and African American leaders change? How will the world view the United States knowing that its people have broken out of a centuries old tradition and not elected a white Catholic male to be their president?

And finally, how will race relations in general change as a result of this presidency? As soon as Barack Obama announced his bid for the presidency, talk of his race surfaced immediately. With the concept of race having such a pervasive presence in our society now, could it perhaps, change the way history is taught in the classroom? What kind of amendments will be made to give more attention to leaders of all different backgrounds who have had an immense impact on this nation?

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