Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CSA Executive Board Elections 2008-2009

Hey CSA! It's that time of the year again and
we need and want YOU to run and vote!

Positions to run for:

President: The president of the Chinese Students' Association is responsible for directing the executive board to advance and accomplish the social, political, and cultural goals of the organization. As the chief executive officer, he/she shall provide general supervision and guidance to the executive board while also representing the organization in all events within Boston College, other intercollegiate programs, and other events by any community organizations. Additionally, the president is responsible for meeting with the club dean in ODSD on a regular basis and for attending Asian Caucus Cabinet meetings. Furthermore, he/she is responsible for working closely with the treasurer in understanding the financial functions of the organization. (Pre-requisite: Senior/Junior to be)

Vice-President: Vice President is in charge of supporting the rest of the entire e-board and lending a hand where help is needed. He also assist the President with the latter's responsibilities.

Treasurer: The Treasurer must be an organized individual who manages and oversees all financial transactions made by CSA. S/he must prepare the Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC) budget proposal at the beginning of his/her term, as well as continuously maintain detailed records of revenues, expenses, and balances of the organization. The Treasurer shall maintain regular contact with the Student Affairs Business Service Center (SABC) and the SOFC.

Secretary: The Secretary should be an organized individual. S/he is to keep records of all executive board meetings. S/he is responsible for keeping an updated member list and is charge of the CSA email listserv. The secretary is to convey in a timely manner interests and events of CSA, of the BC community, and of the greater community in efforts to inform and create awareness for members of CSA.

AHANA Caucus Representative: The AHANA Caucus Representative is the liaison between CSA and the other culture clubs at Boston College. S/he attends weekly AHANA Caucus meetings where s/he publicizes their clubs' and discusses their clubs' issues and/or concerns. S/he, in turn, relays the information from the meetings to both the Executive Board and club members. It is the role of the AHANA Caucus Representative to maintain constant contact with the other AHANA Caucus members and be aware of the issues AHANA students face on campus. The focal point of the AHANA Caucus Representative is to promote AHANA solidarity within the club and the community. The AHANA Caucus Representative will also be able to vote during the AHANA Leadership Council (ALC) elections.

Culture Chair: The Culture Chair should be well informed of the Chinese culture and active in promoting awareness of Chinese culture. S/he is responsible for the organization of the annual joint Culture Show. S/he must be able to work well with others, should have a good knowledge of how the show works, keep track of all the acts, stage crew, tech crew, and keep track of all the logistical information to ensure a smooth coordination of acts incorporated in the show.

Webmaster/PR: As Webmaster you will be required to create, maintain and constantly update the club website. Additional tasks usually include computer based publicity work such as creating flyers and quarter-sheets for events. Web skills and creativity would be preferred for this position but definitely not required as you can always learn how!

Political Educational Officer (PEO): This new position of CSA is designed to educate and promote political awareness of existing and new issues that concern the Chinese and the Chinese American community. This officer's main responsibilities include keeping up to date with new issues that are of concern to Chinese and Chinese Americans, following up with past concerns and any longitudinal effects on the community, educate the executive board with this acquired knowledge, and present it to CSA members and the greater BC community. These political programs should contribute to an increased political awareness among the CSA members. In addition, this member is still an officer of CSA, so there will be other executive board responsibilities that he or she will be expected to attend to.

Nominations meeting is TODAY Tuesday, March 25 8:30 Devlin 112.
If for any reason, you would like to be nominated but will not be able to attend. You must respond to shek@bc.edu with a reason and the position(s) you wish to run for.
The official election date is Monday, March 31. Location and time T.B.A
Those nominated will be asked to make a 3-5 minute speech and then club members will vote for the 2008-2009 E-Board.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

CSA and CCC proudly present...

Building Then Breaking Out of the Box: Claiming, Creating and Transcending Identities

with Speaker Larry Chang
Wednesday, March 26th, 2008
Fulton 230 @ 7pm

Chinese-Jamaican, political organizer and spiritual counselor, Larry Chang has much to offer the Asian-American, LGBT, Caribbean-American, and People of Color communities.

He will touch upon history, culture, identity, and bridging the gap between Asian and Black communities.

Why come? Because have u ever heard or have been to something like this?!?
Come out and learn about each other, we're more similar than you think :D

"Live the Connection"