Tuesday, September 25, 2007

1st General Meeting


I'm Jonson Tsai, your Culture Chair this year for CSA. Welcome 0'11 (and every other year)- how have your first few weeks at BC been? They're about to get better because I am introducing....

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Our 1st General Meeting! Come out to Cleveland Circle Park at 4 PM(just take the Comm Ave Bus to Cleveland Circle - it's right next to applebees) and enjoy our BARBECUE! That's right- we're going to have more than enough cheeseburgers, hot dogs, skewers, and fun games. Did I mention that we have water balloon launchers...? Aim for your favorite e-board member (not me). Come and stop by, grab some food, play some capture the flag, and listen to our announcements!

Your Culture Chair '08
Jonson Tsai

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ch-check it out!

Helloooo CSAers!

I'm Angel, the webmistress, I'm in charge of creating and maintaining the CSA website. If I haven't met you yet please introduce yourself! I can't guarantee that I'll remember you the first time but I will remember you...eventually.

To everyone who came out to our Freshmen Welcome, a big thank you! It was great to see such a huge turnout for a first event. But that was only the beginning and we've definitely got bigger and better things planned for the year. Such as...

CSA and VSA proudly present...


Our co-sponsored event with the Vietnamese Students' Association will be held this Wednesday 9.26.07 in Edmonds 1st Floor Lounge at 6pm!!! and includes storytelling, free mooncakes and green tea, and best of all...lantern making! We'll teach you everything you need to know, so don't worry if you're bad at arts and crafts.

See you all there!



We should definitely pub this blog during our first gen!!!!!! it looks like you guys are all writing to the members as our audience which is great, but i don't know if many know this blog exist.......
meeehh..also do i get a notification in my email when someone comments my blog?? 'cause that would be really helpful

CSA Newsletter

wow so I successfully logged in my gmail account! (short-term loss of memory of my password) and feels great to write on this blog!!

A NYTimes Op-Ed article caught my eyes today, it's called "Cleaning Up China," an article arguing the Chinese government has been focusing just on industrial growth and ignored the environmental issues that comes along with the boom. So I went on the Times website to check if there are more resources, and THERE WERE!!!!! yes yes yes, I now am going to go through about 130 word document pages of information and hopefully by this weekend during our meeting I will hand you guys an compressed, one page summary of what's going on. Hence the first general topic I would recommend to have in our October Newsletter.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Hey CSA!

I am Brian Lee (B.Lee) a Co-President of CSA with Rich Liu for the academic year 2007-2008. Wow, that sounded so formal, which this blog totally is not haha

For all the returning members, welcome back! We have GREAT things planned for you this year so get EXCITED! Make sure you all come to Freshmen Welcome and the First General Meeting (which is a bbq at cleveland circle) and show the freshmen what CSA is all about.

For all the new members (including freshmen), we are ecstatic that you are interested in becoming a part of our group at BC. Please get involved and let us know if there is anything more we can do for you as an executive board.

Can't wait to see everyone at the Frosh Welcome!!

Brian Lee

Sunday, September 16, 2007


WELCOME to the CLASS OF 2011!!!!!!! (out of curiosity, what do you guys say? "Oh eleven!" or "ee-lev-un!" lol. i personally like the last. but anyway...)

I hope you guys are having a blast at BC so far. We have so many events planned to make your experience even better than (hopefully) it already is. FROSH WELCOME THIS WEDNESDAY the 19th! 8PM IN THE O'CONNELL HOUSE on UPPER! I can't wait to meet each and everyone one of you! But until then, why not facebook us and get to know us? :) I promise we're really friendly people and no one will scare you away. except for steve...he's kinda weird actually. yea.

I KIDDD. But really, come out to our events. It's a great way to meet people, make new friends, etc., and you already know we'll have a good time. See you all soon!

xo- your CSA treasurer,

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Welcome!!! I am yours truly CSA's secretary for 07-08. I hope you're having a wonderful start of a new academic year. Welcome back seniors, juniors, and sophomores. To the new Eagles 0-11, a very warm welcome to BC. Freshmen please stop by CSA's table during Student Activities' Day Friday 9-14 at the Dustbowl. Looking forward to seeing and meeting you!!!
Don't forget to come back to our blog often! ;)


Rockin` It!

Hey Guys!

I'm Vicky, CSA's VP for 07-08 and I just want to let you guys know that I am PUMPED for what CSA has in store for everyone this year! Also a big welcome to the Freshmen, show us what 011 has got!

Can't wait to see everyone at our first event!


Welcome to CSA

Hey guys! Welcome to CSA! I'm Steve the AHANA Caucus Representative. We're planning an awesome year full of events and good stuff. Make sure to keep checking this blog for updates and news about upcoming events. Looking forward to a great year!